Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact support?

Drop us an email at

How long will my posting stay up?

30 days. You'll get notifications that your job is expiring, provided you use a valid email address when you set up your employer profile.

Can I edit my postings after they're on the site?

Sure. If you create an Employer Account, all your posts will be manageable after you log in. Otherwise, check your email after submitting your job post for a link to edit your post.


How much does it cost to post a job?

$129 buys a standard posting for 30 days. Save big by buying Job Packs.

Do you accept payment by check or money transfer?

We accept major credit cards. Unfortunately, we cannot process checks or money transfers.

Can I get an invoice or receipt for my post?

Sure! Just drop us a line at with a link to the post in question, and we'll generate an invoice for you.

I'm with a really great non-profit, but unfortunately we can't afford to pay anyone. We can post here, right?

Sorry, no. We don't allow unpaid postings of any sort.

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